The company


Successful history – global experience

During the past 80 years, Pittsburgh Corning Corporation has acquired relevant know-how and the greatest possible skills in the industrial use of glass. FOAMGLAS® - high quality insulation made of foamed glass – was first produced and patented in the USA during the 1930’s. It reached market maturity in 1942 and was rapidly introduced to the American and European markets. Due to the increasing demand, a production site was established in Tessenderlo (Belgium) in 1965. Pittsburgh Corning Europe was founded a few years later and gradually opened subsidiaries as regionally operating companies throughout Europe.


In 2001 Pittsburgh Corning Europe acquired the shares of the German glass company Deutsche Schaumglas GmbH and adapted its production to FOAMGLAS® standards. In 2008 a new production site in Klasterec nad Ohrf (Czech Republic) was opened, enabling the Corporation to further increase its production capacity and to expand successfully to major export markets.


A new FOAMGLAS® plant in Yantai, China

Today, Pittsburgh Corning Corporation is a global player in the production of insulation systems. It is represented in all major countries in Europe, Middle East, Far East and in the USA. FOAMGLAS® is presently produced in two production sites in Europe; two other production plants are located in the USA. A new FOAMGLAS® plant is built in Yantai, China. Pittsburgh Coming's highly qualified and motivated staff members will provide comprehensive service from planning to implementation of high quality insulation systems. Architects and contractors are supported with technical advice, thermal insulation calculations, detailed drawings, energy and test certificates, installation instructions and many other useful services.


Innovative solutions for Asian building market

Asia is a major market in the world. The building sector is growing fast and the need for innovative, high-quality insulation systems is vital to preserve the investments in the long term. When important building projects are realized, one of the major challenges is to combine technology with safety, sustainability and economy. FOAMGLAS® benefits from a long experience in insulation technology in the USA as well as in the main European markets, such as Germany, Belgium, France and Switzerland. Leading architects from all over the world trust and rely on the proven quality and the certified technology of FOAMGLAS® systems. They offer outstanding properties, designed to match the requirements and regulations of the Asian construction market.